Lavender Oil Uses

Sleep Support:  3 to 5 drops, applied directly to your pillow or onto a tissue placed inside your pillowcase. Use at night to support natural sleep.


Stress Management:  A drop or two, applied directly to the temples or back of the neck. Use to support a calm and peaceful state of mind.


Healthy Living: 5 or 10 drops added to your fully run bath water. Use to support a balanced and healthy lifestyle.                                                                              


Aroma Therapy:  3 or 5 drops, in your essential oil room diffuser or burner, or simply in a bowl of boiling water. Use to create a pleasant and relaxing aromatic environment.


Baby Care:  Newborn baby 1 drop, 2 to 12 month old 3 drops in 1 fl oz sweet almond oil. Massage baby’s body avoiding eyes, mouth and genitals. Add a drop to a dessert spoonful of milk and mix with bath water. Use to support natural sleep & a calm and peaceful state of mind.


Caution: NZLavender pure lavender essential oil

CAUTION:  Avoid eyes and genitalia. * If skin irritation or sensitivity develops, stop use, wash with cold water and if condition persists seek medical attention.Keep out of reach of children.

  • Skin irritation or sensitivity: We are all aware that a very small percentage of the population are allergenic to peanuts, in a similar way a very small percentage of the population are allergic or sensitive to lavender oil. The European Union has identified 26 contact allergens (components with the potential to cause an allergic skin reaction), which are presently used in the cosmetic industry and are required to have their presence recorded on certain labelling. Three of these are natural ingredients found in lavender essential oil; Linalool, Limonene and Geraniol are the cause of the skin sensitivity, which occurs in susceptible individuals. Although NZLavender pure lavender essential oil is particularly low in these three allergens when compared with other lavender essential oils, it still has the potential to cause a skin irritation or sensitivity in a susceptible individual. If a skin irritation or sensitivity does develop, please stop use, wash with cold water and if condition persists seek medical attention.

Low allergen content: The unique NZLavender Lavandula angustifolia cultivar consistently produces oil with low levels of Linalool (between 11 – 17%) compared with other lavender oils from around the world (typically 20 - 45%). In addition to having the lowest Linalool content of any natural lavender oil, our oil has been carefully distilled and stored at optimum conditions to minimise the oxidisation of Linalool into its more allergenic peroxides (stored at 4°C under argon gas). NZLavender oil is also low in the other listed EU contact allergen Limonene and does not contain any Geraniol .

Lavandula angustifolia "Avice Hill"