NEW! 250ml NZLavender Hydrosol

NEW! 250ml NZLavender Hydrosol
NEW!!! Lavender hydrosol contains small amounts of essential oil and the water-soluble parts of the lavender plant that have been carried over during the steam distillation process. It can be used in much the same way as the essential oil.
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  • Mist onto your face as a cleanser or toner

  • Pour into your bath water, for the fragrance, to help relaxation and as a dry skin remedy

  • Sprinkle onto your pillow case before you go to sleep

  • Spray on your linens when you iron

  • Use as a natural, non-chemical room deodorizer

Lavender hydrosol (lavender water, lavender aqueous distillate) contains a small percentage of lavender oil held in colloidal suspension (1,000 ppm or 0.1%), which does not float to thesurface during the separation process and therefore cannot be removed from the water. This is what gives lavender hydrosol its aroma and its conditioning properties.

It also contains water soluble components of the lavender flowers, which have distilled over during distillation; this includes any alcohols present in the flowers.

Methanol (plant alcohol) is one of those water soluble components, it is found in lavender flowers and is also found in lavender hydrosol (NZLavender hydrosol methanol level is 0.057% = 570 ppm = 570 mg/kg). As it is water soluble it remains in the hydrosol after distillation and not in the oil. There is no methanol in lavender oil.

It is lavender hydrosol’s unique blend of oil and water soluble components, which makes it ideal as a facial freshener and in the manufacture of cosmetics.